About Us

STEMCivics welcomed its first group of students, 100 ninth-graders, in September 2014. Another grade, with the same number of students, was added each year until it became a 400-student high school in September 2017. In June 2018, 100% of the Class of '18 graduated.

In September 2018 PURPLEfect Parc, a new middle school, opened in Trenton. In the first year, over 150 sixth and seventh graders form the founding group. An eighth grade will be added next year.

The STEM and civics focus provide a unique formula to inspire students to excel academically and to understand the tenets of productive citizenship. Throughout our country's history, understanding the benefits of STEM-related concepts has improved the quality of life of citizens. For example, understanding the importance of wearing seat belts in cars and recognizing the dangers of smoking were necessary but not sufficient to improve, if not lengthen, lives. It took the democratic process, which led to the enacting of laws and regulations, to underscore the importance of taking action once knowing the results of the scientific research.

STEMCivics students enjoy a unique opportunity to engage in project- and career-based learning activities, and be active participants in improving the quality of life of fellow citizens.