Board of Trustees

Amanda Byard
Ms. Byard has enjoyed a highly successful career as a teacher in New Jersey. She has taught primary grade students in diverse educational environments, including the Village Charter School in Trenton and the Bound Brook School District. Recently, she taught kindergarten at the Chesterfield School District. Her interests include all forms of exercise, especially running and soccer.  

Kevin Demmo
Mr. Demmo is active in philanthropic activities that enhance the lives of disadvantaged youths. His current focus is fighting hunger, and is devoted to many charities whose mission is in alignment with that focus. His professional experience is construction management.
Robin Lipman
Ms. Lipman is very active in K-12 education, supporting organizations that promote mission-based experiences that enrich the lives of participants. Her extensive international travel schedule allows her to develop relationships with prospective partners.

Jon Watkins
Mr. Watkins is an accomplished musician, businessman, and active philanthropist who is deeply committed to giving back to communities. He is active in enhancing lives of individuals who have given service to our country, and is currently training members of the Wounded Warriors organization to scuba dive. 
Adrian Zappala
Dr. Zappala is the Dean of Graduate Studies at Pierce College in Philadelphia. Before assuming that role, he  served as Assistant Dean of the Heavin School of Arts and Sciences at Thomas Edison State College for over three years. Prior to that position, he was the Coordinator of the Educational Leadership Program at Western Governors University. His doctorate is from Capella University.