The core values of STEMCivics are:

  1. Respect and Honesty
    People value respect and honesty. The way we show we respect people is by being honest with them.
  2. Trust
    People trust us, based on our unwavering honesty.
  3. Building Bonds with Kids
    We parlay the trust we've earned to build bonds with kids, so they like us and respect us for the right reasons, so they want to be around us more, so they want to come to school more, so they learn more, and they graduate.

Three words describe the culture of STEMCivics : caring, collaborating, and community.

STEMCivics believes students and staff members perform at their best when they feel nurtured, when they have the opportunity to continually develop academically, socially, emotionally, professionally, and athletically. Thus, the environment at STEMCivics is one in which people demonstrate genuine care for each other, supporting one another, as we all move to the next level in everything we do.  Culture can't be mandated; it can be only modeled.

STEMCivics believes the power of many is greater than the power of one. Collaboration is embedded in the project- and career-based learning activities at STEMCivics. Students and staff members collaborate with students and staff from other schools, as well as learn from mentors and volunteers from our friends and partner organizations.

STEMCivics believes citizens have a responsibility to enhance the lives of members of its community on the local, level, national, and global levels. Many projects at STEMCivics are designed to benefit Trenton and will be easily replicated to benefit other communities. Further, STEMCivics participates in projects in developing countries, as students and staff members travel abroad in life-shaping activities.