Why STEMCivics

STEMCivics recognizes expertise in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) fields is essential to our economic viability. According to the United States Department of Congress, STEM-related professions will outpace non-STEM positions by almost a 2:1 ratio. Further, STEM prepares students for their future regardless of the field they choose. STEM emphasizes 21st Century skills (collaboration, communication, social responsibility, and critical thinking) that can be applied to just about any area. By focusing on these skills through a STEM perspective, STEMCivics gives students the maximum opportunity to succeed in their chosen field. 

Civic engagement is the bedrock of our society. Remember “no taxation without representation”? Students of voting age must take part in the democratic process to have a voice in their future and in the future of the country. STEMCivics gives students opportunities to be civically involved throughout high school, with the expectation that students will vote in the first election they are eligible.