Graduation Requirements


Science 20 credits including at least five credits in laboratory biology/life science; an additional laboratory/inquiry-based science course including chemistry, environmental science, or physics; and a third laboratory/inquiry-based science course
Math 20 credits including algebra I and geometry or the content equivalent* and a third year of math that builds on the concepts and skills of algebra and geometry and prepares students for college and 21st century careers
Engineering 20 credits
English 20 credits aligned to grade nine through 12 standards
PE / Health 3 ¾ credits in health, safety, and physical education during each year of enrollment, distributed as 150 minutes per week, as required by N.J.S.A. 18A:35-5,7,8
Visual / Performing Arts 5 credits
Social Studies 15 credits including satisfaction of N.J.S.A. 18A:35-1 and 2; five credits in world history; and the integration of civics, economics, geography and global content in all course offerings
Language 15 credits or student demonstration of proficiency
Financial, Economic, Business, and
Entrepreneurial Literacy
2.5 credits
21st Century Life and Careers or
Career Technical Education
5 credits
Technology Literacy Consistent with the Common Core State Standards, integrated throughout the curriculum
Civic Engagement 150 hours