Tryouts for high school athletes will begin Monday, August 16, 2021 at 8:00 a.m.  All paperwork should have been completed prior to practice. These sports include:

  • Boys/Girls Soccer,
  • Boys/Girls Cross Country, and
  • Girls Volleyball.

1. Register on (required)
2. Have a valid physical on file. (If you had a physical done last school year, it transfers over to this school year due to COVID)(ASAP).
3. Bring a new COVID-19 Questionnaire to every practice.
4. Players must bring their own, labeled water/drink. A minimum of 64 ounces is recommended. 
5. There will be mandatory temperature checks of every player and coach prior to each workout.
6. Students must have a mask/face covering with them and used when possible and be socially distanced the entire practice.
7. Coaches and Athletic Trainer will work together to sanitize the equipment correctly after practice. STUDENTS SHOULD NOT SANITIZE ALL OF THE EQUIPMENT.
8. Blackout Dates: No practices are allowed from August 29-September 13.

Students without proper paperwork and clearance will be sent home immediately. Due to COVID-19, practices, games, requirements, etc., may need to be canceled, changed or adapted to ensure the safety of everyone within the community as we continue through these uncertain times.

Please contact our Athletic Director, Ryan Robbins, with any questions, 609-610-9085, or