In June 2012, the founder met with Rich Coley of ETS, co-author of the then just-published landmark study Fault Lines in Our Democracy, which identified a clear delineation of the profiles of voters and non-voters. In a sense, one group of citizens, those who vote, make decisions through the ballot box for another group of citizens -- those who don't vote. The study concluded that voters are educated citizens and are civically engaged in various ways: volunteering in a non-profit organization or government agency,  a civic or political organization, or a education- or health-related organization.

STEMCivics actively assists its students in participating in the election process by making it easy for them to register to vote.

STEMCivics believes education and civic engagement are the bedrock of society, thus the relevant recommendations of the study are an integral part of the school's program. Civic engagement is not limited to the immediate vicinity, as STEMCivics students travel to other countries to assist communities in need. The PURPLEfect people recently visited Haiti, Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, Jamaica, Peru, and Puerto Rico.

STEMCivics students are contributing members of society through their volunteer work in these organizations while in high school. Students develop throughout their adolescent years into adults who are active participants in the democratic process.