Gifted and Talented

STEMCivics provides a robust Gifted and Talented program, not the least of which includes a dual enrollment program with  Stockton University and an Advanced Placement program. The policy ensures fairness and equity in participation.  Individuals who have complaints relevant to the administration of this program should see below.

Gifted & Talented Program
Gifted & Talented Complaint Process

STEMCivics is committed to providing an educational program that empowers students to grow into productive and responsible members of society. To foster optimal achievement, our school's learning environment offers challenging educational opportunities tailored to the unique needs and talents of high-potential students. Our Gifted and Talented Program is dedicated to delivering a stimulating curriculum while enhancing students' self-efficacy. Program content is determined through a collaborative planning process that considers student-centered goals and educational requirements. Our program is designed to offer a diverse array of learning opportunities, helping students realize their full potential, nurture their talents, and promote academic rigor.  At  STEMCivics, we provide accelerated courses at the middle school level. As students transition to high school, they have the opportunity for Honors and Advanced Placement classes.  We also offer advanced learning experiences through our dual-enrollment classes where students can earn college credits.