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Oct. 18, 2019: PURPLEfect Role Models

The PURPLEfect Role Models

OCT. 18, 2019  How many of you out there know why the principal of a school is called such? Come on now, don't be shy, raise your hands. Well, it's because he or she is the principal, or main, teacher in the school, the one who can offer expert lessons and provide meaningful professional development for other teachers.

Our beloved principal at the sacred terra of PURPLEfect Parc, Sherri Richardson, is the embodiment of the principal teacher as she teaches two sections of English/language arts each day.

The principal is not the only role model in the PURPLEfect Empire -- Ellen Healy, supervisor of instruction, also dons the mantle of teacher of English/language arts each day.

The best kids ever in their classes are privileged to have the best lessons ever on a routine basis. It's the PURPLEfect scenario.

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Important Dates
10/24: board meeting, convent at hallowed grounds of PURPLEfect Palace, 1pm

11/7-8: early dismissal, professional development

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